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Random Thoughts, #6437

My Wobble Noggers and I have been at this “downsizing everything to get ready to go to another country” thing for about 3 months now, and we’re in the final stretch. In two days we will have moved into a much smaller home and will be ready to go anywhere in a heartbeat.

Life Tip: The more stuff you have, the bigger a house you need, which costs more, which inspires you to buy more things, which needs a bigger house. Lather, rinse, repeat, then die. Civilization is probably just defined as unambitious hoarding with electricity and nice ceramic pooping bins.

Ironically enough, our hardiness in the US will probably still be wimpy by comparison to the awesome folks we’re going to meet. It’s hard for the most hardcore American survivalist to contend with folks who have to dig a hole every time they need to take care of their business or start making mud when they feel a draft.

One of my personal pet peeves is when people repeat statements so often that they lose some of their gravity and impact. They often become indirect shorthand for other statements. The phrases “we are so blessed” and “the Lord has blessed us” are actually condensed versions of “I have a lot more stuff than I can remember off the top of my head, and I’m aware that other people don’t, but I’m okay with that”.

Christianity Tip: Being a Christian in America is really hard! I’d rather shove a large stubborn pack animal through a small opening. Always grease down any pack animals you try that on.

I have a good friend of mine that my Hooble Floofer and I visited, and we talked about our seemingly psychotic future missionary plans. He made an interesting case for balancing safety alongside faith. Obviously when you have a pregnant wife coming along with you, the situation is drastically different from being a single person signing up for a missionary life.

I know the balance must be struck between safety and faith, but that percentage ratio varies on the person, and a lot of that depends on the person’s actual faith they’ve been given by God (Romans 12:3-8). Paul makes it pretty clear in 1 Corinthians 7 that if you’ve got a wife and niños you should take care of them, but that it’s often a far more spiritually productive endeavor to stay single. I can vouch for that, since a family has all sorts of responsibilities that a singleness doesn’t involve. Diapers, for instance.

Parenting Tip: As much as common sense may dictate, if you brought someone into this world you cannot, in fact, take them out of this world without legal repercussions.

My Honey Bunches of Fluff and I are eagerly looking to raise our little Baby Bumpkin, but we’re facing a bit of pushback from our culture on how we’re handling pregnancy. If the back of James 4 is any indication, we have no idea if we are going to have a baby or it will miscarriage somewhere on the way. I don’t know about you, but I like to get emotionally attached more intimately to things I can guarantee.

Life Tip: The only thing you can guarantee is God and His nature. The rest is just a bunch of volatility that any faithful accountant will render as immaterial.

The Week’s News 2016-11-18

The Stupid Election

  • Everything seems to have died down, and people have come to accept that we now have president-elect Donald Trump.

Islamic Nations

Gender Beliefs Fights

One World Order Preparation

Creationism Scores

Personal Note

  • Other ministry endeavors have inspired me to post the news much less frequently. You can read about my exploits here or expect a more varied potpourri in future posts, including updates to the rest of this site. I encourage you to become a better consumer of the news in the following ways:
    • Read the world news more than the local news. The farther the information travels, the less likely it’s meaningless drivel.
    • Click on the links to your articles. You’d be amazed how the most reputable news sources will sometimes drop a link that goes back to one of their own articles with sources for that nowhere to be found.
    • Avoid 24-hour and local news for your insight into the rest of the world. Most of them have to fill up the airwaves with padding, since not enough happens to fill up every moment with pandemonium-induced viewership.
    • If you want my own recommendation, try Albert Mohler or the Christian Post. They’re both solid, though Mr. Mohler seems to be more preoccupied with what’s most popular to discuss.

The Week’s News 2016-11-11

The Stupid Election

Not The Stupid Election

The Week’s News 2016-11-06

The Stupid American Election

  • Hillary Clinton is swamped with more crazy results of her illegal email dealings.
  • If you want the actual stances of the candidates, read this. Most of the rest of the stuff out there is white noise.
  • Only vote if you know what you’re doing. Voting is a privilege, not a responsibility.

America’s Non-Election Things


Other Countries

Other News

  • They’ve uncovered Jesus’ burial bed. They won’t find a body, though.
  • An obscure reference in the Bible to Ba’al worship has been confirmed about from an archaeological dig.
  • Scientists have found a way to convert carbon dioxide into ethanol. Climate change activists are confused.
  • Richard Dawkins is a prominent atheist, and much of the scientific community doesn’t like him.
  • Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. – Revelation 21:1-3

The Week’s News 2016-10-30

The Church vs. The World

More Proof That The Bible Might Be Right

The World’s Doings

Israel vs. The World

Stupid Election

The Church Changing The World

In Other News

This Week’s News 2016-10-21

The Stupid Presidential Election


  • Last week’s UNESCO resolution denying Israel’s connection with the Western Wall and Temple Mount was re-voted and passed again. In response, Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs released a “UNESCO Bible” video. Pray for God’s mercy on the ones that oppose Israel.

Middle East


The Rest Of The World

The Church


This Week’s News 10-16-2016


Not Israel

US Presidential Election

America’s Divided Church

Good News

This Week’s News 2016-10-07

Homosexuality vs. Christianity

US Presidential Stuff

  • Kaine and Pence, the vice presidential nominees, got to debate. It was stupid.
  • Side agreements were apparently made involving this Clinton email scandal. The closely tied polls are nearly unbelievable with this carpet thread-pulling of scandals.
  • To make things even, Trump has a scandal about his 1995 tax return where his failed businesses permitted him to not pay any taxes. This is more of a tribute to our convoluted tax system than Trump’s immorality.
  • Anyone who says this election doesn’t matter hasn’t been paying attention to the US Supreme Court nomination the President will fill. This will tilt the balance significantly.

America’s Decline

Islam vs. The World

Israel vs. The World

Human Rights Violations To Pray For


Natural Disasters

Imploding Church Culture

Good News

  • The Christian church is waking up to the reality that globalism is demonic and not just natural, though I would argue that everything demonic is just a super-powered natural state of carnal man.
  • Liberal organizations are starting to fight back about the completely insane standards of creating an insulated box on college campuses to protect students from unspoken or vaguely clarified discrimination. Discrimination is as common and theologically controversial a part of life as sin, pain, loneliness and the entire concept of money.
  • Hordes of Christians are converting daily in the Middle East. This is extremely encouraging if you are a fan of God doing good things.

This Week’s News 2016-09-30

Stupid Stuff Everyone Else Covers



  • Obama slipped up and called Israel “Palestinian lands”. This makes his anti-Semitism slightly more noticeable than normal.
  • Netanyahu and Abbas are at it again with peace talks. It probably won’t go anywhere again, but valiant effort on the Jews’ side. Now we just need to see Arabs not blowing up Jews and we’ll be great!

Wars & War Rumors

Signs Of The Times

Good News