The Week’s News 2016-11-18

The Stupid Election

  • Everything seems to have died down, and people have come to accept that we now have president-elect Donald Trump.

Islamic Nations

Gender Beliefs Fights

One World Order Preparation

Creationism Scores

Personal Note

  • Other ministry endeavors have inspired me to post the news much less frequently. You can read about my exploits here or expect a more varied potpourri in future posts, including updates to the rest of this site. I encourage you to become a better consumer of the news in the following ways:
    • Read the world news more than the local news. The farther the information travels, the less likely it’s meaningless drivel.
    • Click on the links to your articles. You’d be amazed how the most reputable news sources will sometimes drop a link that goes back to one of their own articles with sources for that nowhere to be found.
    • Avoid 24-hour and local news for your insight into the rest of the world. Most of them have to fill up the airwaves with padding, since not enough happens to fill up every moment with pandemonium-induced viewership.
    • If you want my own recommendation, try Albert Mohler or the Christian Post. They’re both solid, though Mr. Mohler seems to be more preoccupied with what’s most popular to discuss.

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