This Week’s News 2016-10-07

Homosexuality vs. Christianity

US Presidential Stuff

  • Kaine and Pence, the vice presidential nominees, got to debate. It was stupid.
  • Side agreements were apparently made involving this Clinton email scandal. The closely tied polls are nearly unbelievable with this carpet thread-pulling of scandals.
  • To make things even, Trump has a scandal about his 1995 tax return where his failed businesses permitted him to not pay any taxes. This is more of a tribute to our convoluted tax system than Trump’s immorality.
  • Anyone who says this election doesn’t matter hasn’t been paying attention to the US Supreme Court nomination the President will fill. This will tilt the balance significantly.

America’s Decline

Islam vs. The World

Israel vs. The World

Human Rights Violations To Pray For


Natural Disasters

Imploding Church Culture

Good News

  • The Christian church is waking up to the reality that globalism is demonic and not just natural, though I would argue that everything demonic is just a super-powered natural state of carnal man.
  • Liberal organizations are starting to fight back about the completely insane standards of creating an insulated box on college campuses to protect students from unspoken or vaguely clarified discrimination. Discrimination is as common and theologically controversial a part of life as sin, pain, loneliness and the entire concept of money.
  • Hordes of Christians are converting daily in the Middle East. This is extremely encouraging if you are a fan of God doing good things.

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